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"Being happy doesn't mean everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections."
SHE is amazing.

you're hot.
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This is really scary…that’s a lot of notes. I don’t think its possible… please help?

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oh my fockin gosh

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This isn’t a skinny flawless girl,but please hear me out.It won’t take you long to read this and reblog it.

I’ve been getting bullied for 8 or 9 years now.Non stop.And it got to the point where i started having thought of suicide,i started cutting and i started to starve myself.All because of the words these people used and those same exact words play in my head when i look into the mirror all the time,over and over,just constantly.These words are Ugly,Fat,Obese,Gross,Elephant,Cow, and so much more.It hurts,it really fucking does.I get self conscious now and then.I start having my break downs out of no where because I see the “perfect” skinny girl with absolutely no flaws.And then there’s me,the imperfect girl with flaws.I have stretch marks on the side of my stomach and on the front of my stomach.It makes it worse for me,because when i go swimming i wear a bikini and act like i have the confidence  to wear it and not be ashamed of myself.Not a lot of people talk about their problems to anyone.And I’m one of them.It maybe seem like I tell people by this post,but no.This is the only place I can be myself at.And I find that so sad.People at school talk about me and say the most horrifying things ever.And it stays with me,ever single word and I actually start thinking I’m what they say.It makes the person that I am today.It sounds crazy but it really does.

And I’m not just speaking for myself I’m speaking up for every single person who has gotten bullied girl or boy,for anything and everything not just for the appearance.

I want every single one of you guys to stay strong and stand up for yourselves no matter how much you don’t want too you need too.Things get better it may seem like it doesn’t,but it really does.

Love you guys.


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Guys please go talk to her..

Please..  she’s going through a hard time.  Please, I’ll love you forever if you help her.

what the fuck it’s a fucking doll

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I need your help/advice. 



I have a very dear friend, she’s 16, and suffers from manic depression. She is currently planning to kill herself. I need to know who I can talk to who can stop her? Please guys, a life is at stake, and the life of one of the best friends I have ever had. I need you guys :(

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Let's get really personal. 

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I’m done..I’m deleting. I’m sorry..  


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